Boy in the Doorway Hightown Pirates
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Art by _lillyvasil yeah we’re gonna star
Hightown Pirates ALL OF THE ABOVE. It’s hard, this ‘businesses of music, or maybe I should say, certain aspects of this often revolting, revolving/sliding door/portal that creates dreams for some, nightmares for others and provides a soundtrack to accompany all this…stuff. It’s only music after-all, surely, it’s not that important as huge swathes of a continent burn, the politics of distrust and disunity are applauded as solutions rather than cause. It’s only music and we should be concerning ourselves with other things? If you find yourself nodding in agreement, lets not waste anymore of each other’s time, you’re on the wrong page here, you’ll probably get more satisfaction from hurling insults at Greta Thunberg on Twitter, so yeah, go away, there’s nothing for you here. Hightown Pirates are about to release their second album, *pauses while more people go back to trolling a child*. Anyone still here? Good, I’ll continue then; Hightown Pirates? Who that? “A joyous, anthem-laden affair that evokes Arcade Fire’s sweep; Blood, Sweat & Tears’ horns and the finer moments of Primal Scream’s Screamadelica” ****Q Magazine. “Boldness has genius, go f**kin’ listen.” Louder Than War. 9/10 “A brilliant debut album” GQ. Never heard of them? Not many people have, that’s ok though, it’s just music, right? The world’s burning/flooding/hating/judging but don’t worry we have Donald and Boris on hand, surely, they’ll sort it all out? BUT. It’s not ‘just’ music is it? Not now, not ever really, but not now, because right now ‘we’ (not the Greta trolls) need some hope. ‘We’ need a distraction from the distractions created by those with the most to lose should we all become less distracted and more focused on why they need ‘us’ to be distracted, if you follow my drift? “Look again you’ll see it’s all a plot, ISIS-brides, the far-right, the Queen the lot. The wicked witch ain’t dead, she married Uncle Sam, united we stand, not part of their plan” Yep, same as it ever was. To be clear, if you’re looking for some kind of, ‘rocknroll’ re-invented wheel, you ain’t gonna find it here, the kids are busy doing that in their home studios with technology and vitriol. They’re au-fait with Spotify algorithms, streaming services and playlists. They’re being punk rock without guitars and spikey hair and more power to them. However, if you like the sound of 1. Noisy/melodic guitars and feedback. 2. Lyrical story-telling and dark love songs, a-la Nick Cave. 3. The brass of Northern Soul. 4. TheWho/Stones/Jam/Shack/Smiths/Hold-Steady/Bunnymen/OnlyOnes Or. 5. All the Above? (See what I did there?) Then the new album by a band you’ve probably never heard of is an album you’re definitely going to like, a lot. That this album was made without a single drop of alcohol or other substance being imbibed by any of the musicians involved, may seem like another distraction but I can assure you, the story behind that seemingly innocuous fact, is best told another day, some of it is told here; That particular story is life and death whereas this? It’s only music, right? Welcome to Hightown Pirates, a multi-gender, multi-racial, disparate collective who are; Simon Mason. Songs, vocals, guitars, lyrics, producer and tea. Patrick Walden. (Babyshambles) Guitars Cass Browne. (Gorillaz, Senseless Things) Drums Dave Aird. Guitars. Shireen Liane. Guitars/vocals Matthew Starritt. (Treetop Flyers) Bass. Simon James. Sax Evgeny Minev Sax Martin Smith. Trumpet. With additional instrumentation from. Timothy Hamper. Bass/guitars/Hammond Lilly Vasil. Flute/vocals Shona Carmen. Vocals Lauren Moon. Keys/vocals Recorded at Viva Recorders studio, Holloway London. Engineered by Timothy Hamper Produced by The Holloway Dogs. Tim/Simon/Shireen A Port Royal Records release. 2020. For further information please contact; Simon Mason. Tel 07972163506
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